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Calling external REST Service from AWS Lambda?

tiny, simple, and without any overhead in Packaging.

TIBCO Cloud IntegrAtion Extensions

TIBCO Cloud Integration Extensions, developed by using GOlang

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality using TIBCO Cloud Integration Flogo, Unity3D and Google ARCore

Alexa Skills

developed Alexa Skills with TIBCO Integrations here

Swagger Showcase

Here some Service running on TIBCO Cloud Integration in a Swagger UI Showcase

Skull Canyon as ESX Host

Using the powerful intel NUC Skull Canyon (NUC6i7KYK) as VMware ESXi Host gives you a new working experience

Flogo on RaspBerry Pi

Flogo inside a Lego XXL Box with 7 inch Display running on Raspberry Pi 3


tiny Javascripting hints about mixed topics, just started more to come as I find something useful

downloading a AWS EC2 Instance

here a little How2, about downloading a Amazon AWS EC2 Instance and run it on VMware (Workstation, ESXi or Fusion)

more News?

more coming soon